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Blogging is quickly becoming a powerful media type used by companies, individuals, and organizations to speak their minds about anything and everything under the sun. Blogs are far easier to set up and operate when compared to websites, but can be just as powerful as far as making money or generating publicity for a company, different website, or even in and of themselves. Blog promotion is similar to regular website promotion, in that indexing, page ranking, search engine visibility, and linking is extremely important.

Cost and Resource Demand

Promoting a blog can be done almost for free. Time will be the biggest concern, but a couple of hours spent each day writing copy, creating and exchanging links, and submitting to directories, will pay off immensely without having to invest much, if any, money.


Unlike websites, a blog can be started in little time, perhaps less than an hour if a template is used. Blog promotion can take substantially longer. A grassroots promotion campaign, could take days, weeks, or months, to build up a large enough readership, and to use other blogs and sites to drive traffic to yours.

Action Plan to Build Traffic For Your Blog

There is no one formula used for blog promotion, rather a series of areas that can be used together, separately, or mixed and matched as you see fit. Guest posting is a great way to use other people’s names, and to have access to their loyal readers. If you know a successful blogger who would be willing to post a time or two on your blog, you can return the favor and you each will have access to each other’s pools of readers.

Networking is another great way. Spend time online, reading and commenting on other blogs and make connections with others there. Mention your blog and ask people to come have a look. Finally, good old fashioned advertising is the tried and true method for promoting anything. Start up an account at Google and look for keywords to buy in their AdWords campaign.

Continue to Part II: Blog Promotion Techniques»

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