Getting Ahead of Competition on eBay

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Selling on eBay can be a fairly simple process: list an item, place and ad, and wait for the bidding to start. Of course, good salesmen know that timing is everything in sales, so waiting for an opportune moment can increase demand, draw more interest, and increase profits. The nature of sales is cyclical, depending on the product. For example, listing snowshoes in June may not draw as much attention as they would in, say November.

Limitations of Analysis

This analysis is not perfect. There is no one time when an item is guaranteed to sell, or when sellers are assured of getting more than market value for a product, but you can increase your chances by taking advantage of the cyclical and seasonal changes in various industries.

More Details For Serious Sellers

Many eBay sellers are simply selling old items from around the house that they don’t use anymore, so assuming that we are talking about a wide variety of products, keeping in mind seasonal changes and trends is a good idea. Each year, ‘hot’ and ‘happening’ trends seem to come into style. Almost all clothing trends are based on historical foundations, so when looking through old clothes, keep one eye on today’s trends and another on your old clothes. The only difference between old, out of style clothes, and ‘vintage’ wear is the name and the fact that period clothes have come back into style. Every year presents the perfect time to sell certain items. Wait until around the time the World Series begins to sell baseball gear. In November, you can start looking to get rid of some extra Christmas decorations. Also, most members believe that having an auction to end on a Sunday is the best, as most people are free that day, and have time to watch the end and up their bids.

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