Banner Ads Beyond Ad Networks

Introduction to Banner Ads

Banner ads can be thought of as Internet billboards. Each time you visit a web site chances are it has a banner ad advertising for some product, company, or other website. If clicked on, a new tab or a new window will open and the user will be taken to that site. Banner ads are basically glorified links. Banner ads can have text, graphics, photos, and animation. Code is included to track the user and to know which site he came from when he arrives after the click. This way the website owner knows from which affiliate his traffic comes from. In this manner he knows how to pay his advertisers.

Cost Structure for Banner Advertising

The cost of creating a banner ad depends on the complexity and size of the ad. A simple text ad can be created very cheaply, whereas a very sophisticated one with rollover features or animation can be quite expensive. The cost of advertising or displaying a banner ad is calculated by several different ways. Depending on how specific or targeted you wish the ad to be the costs can increase. Other types of advertising include cost per click, in which a few cents can be paid each time it’s clicked, or a flat rate is charged for a certain number of impressions.

Time frame For Campaigns

Once a banner ad is created it can be posted on sites fairly quickly. However, the time before money is actually made can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or a year. Creating a banner ad can take less than an hour for a simple one, or quite some time to produce a complex one.

Action plan For Banner Ad Campaign

Teaming up with an advertising network company such as Valueclick is the best way for advertisers and affiliates to meet up. Whatever side you happen to be on, companies such as Valueclick offer an easy way to find clients, affiliates, advertisers, and publishers. These services offer easy ways to manage accounts, check data, and continually monitor the productivity of campaigns. Creating banner ads can be done by hiring a graphic designer to outsource the work to. Templates are also readily available online, as is easy to use software made specifically for this purpose. The major software needed for this type of design work is Adobe Photoshop, and can be used for animated as well as text banners.

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