B2B Marketing Techniques from Experienced Marketers

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B2B Marketing Concept

B2B means business to business marketing, and also is referred to as institutional marketing. Rather than targeting individual customers, this type of marketing is aimed at selling to other companies and corporations. This type of marketing is a bit different than consumer marketing in that it requires a different strategy and understanding of the corporate culture of the prospects and clients. B2B marketing usually deals with smaller amounts of customers than regular marketing does, as there may be one buyer for a company who is in charge of buying a certain item for all the employees in the company.

Budget Requirements for Campaigns

B2B advertising campaigns can cost almost any amount. Taking out large full-size color ads in well-known and popular magazines can cost quite a bit, whereas smaller ads in the classified section of newspapers and trade journals may not cost quite as much. B2B advertising online follows the same principles, and choosing the most popular keywords can cost large sums of money.

Timeframe for B2B Campaigns

An online advertising campaign will bear results much more quickly than a print campaign. Google’s AdWords is a campaign that can show almost immediate results, while print ads can take days or weeks until the magazine comes to print.

Suggestions from Experienced Pros

The most important key to a successful B2B advertising campaign is information. Knowing your product and being able company’s services is very important, but knowing your client and understanding his corporate environment can help you to create a unique campaign directed at him for when you have to direct sell him. Creating a series of brochures, pamphlets, and a public relations campaign should be a part of any B2B strategy. Finally, the message that you are trying to get out, should represent your company’s values, motivations, and attitudes, while hopefully matching those of your clients. Look for clients with similar mission statements, values, and culture and sell to them.

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