Affiliate Marketing and Management Tools

Tips and Tactics For Getting Better Results From Affiliate Programs

  • It’s important to choose affiliates carefully. Picking partners who are in related businesses will normally result in more beneficial relationships.

  • Offering great deals to affiliates will bring out the best in your affiliates, and have them eager to work for you. Paying them a top percentage for each sale will quickly create waves in the community, and will have lots of people eager to sign up. Conversely, offering pedestrian deals will turn people off, and may end up hurting your business.

  • Social media networks are becoming fertile grounds for affiliate marketing to grow. Many of the hosting websites such as Facebook, MySpace and others are offering their own affiliate marketing programs. These sites are set to grow exponentially in the coming years, so getting in early, and starting to build your contacts and friends lists now can set the groundwork for the future when there are even more people using these sites.

Additional Tools For Your Online Busines

  • Shopping cart software

  • Store builder

  • Seo software

  • Autoresponder

  • Ad tracking software

Quick Links To Start Your Affiliate Programs offers several product descriptions of affiliate marketing tools, many of which offer free trials:

We provide affiliate management software as a service, offering solutions for tracking, commission schedules, and traffic improvement: has an overview of an extensive report on affiliate marketing software:

Alternative Marketing Ideas

RSS bookmarkers are another way to get free publicity for your website. By signing up for one of these services, users can feed their updates for their blogs and websites directly to the social bookmarking sites, which will make your updates easier to read by more people, and also will help create numerous links for your site automatically. This is a very powerful and easy way to increase publicity without taking on much more work or costs.

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