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Result Driven Social Network Advertising Campaigns

There are several models for this type of campaign. One is an affiliate model in which banner ads and display ads are placed on regular users home pages and the user is then paid a fee when someone clicks on the ad. Another model is to create user groups or networks devoted to their product or company, or in a less obvious way, on a related subject. Setting up affiliate advertising, or referral programs works extremely well for this type of advertising. Developing and cultivating good relationships with customers and clients, and allowing them to evangelize and tell others about your products and services is key. Joining ValueClick or companies that offer other types of internet advertising solutions is a great way to kick start your business.

Tips and Tactics for Advertising Campaigns on Social Networks

  • One of the keys to running a successful online advertising campaign of any sort is to continuously track and monitor finances, investments, and every other aspect of the campaign. In fact running more than one campaign at a time, is an efficient way to test new strategies, methods, and an easy way to measure success or failure.
  • Rather than starting a campaign on the major sites look for niche community sites in which members are discussing related content. Run a tightly focused campaign on whatever you decide your main demographic to be, for instance if it is women ages 20 to 35, you wouldn't want to waste your time and money broadly advertising to people who do not fit your demographics.
  • To really get the word out, it's best to mix and match different methods such as combining a banner ad campaign and a display ad campaign with a separate webpage or user group.

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