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With the media world going through a massive and exciting transformation, the peer to peer information transfer has become a viable, if not better, alternative to broadcasting messages. Today, early adopters are not only important as litmus tests for a new product or service, but are oftentimes the only meaningful and scalable marketing channel.

The new paradigm of social interactions has posed new challenges for the marketers. The grassroots effort for marketing dictated by user's social interactions often requires significant time to materialize. Throwing in more ad dollars at the problem often backfires more than it helps.

Based on input from our clients, we are building a community of early adopters - users who are active on social media sites and/or maintain their own publishing channels. Through our referral marketing platform, we want to develop direct relationships with early adopters who like to talk about what is new and exciting. If you have ability to influence decisions of your peers then we would love to have you join our influencer club. We help brand marketers connect with you based on your contact permission settings. As a member of this elite group, you get to know about upcoming exciting products and services way earlier than anyone else - and of course, there are many additional campaign specific promotional incentives for you.

Online Community Managers and Bloggers
Buzz Widgets

With BuzzWidges you can promote offerings that are vetted by the community. Each widget contains-- along with product description--selective authentic reviews from community users raving about the product's features. These widgets contain only hand-picked products that are in vogue with users and many times practically selling themselves. These attractive widgets not only add to aesthetics of your site but also give it added credibility.

  • For hosting these widgets, no coding is required on your part

  • Your conversion rates will surpass any other affiliate offering

  • You control the message and type of offerings promoted through your website

  • Seamless integration of widgets with social networks and blogging platform helps you promote, not only the offerings, but also your site

Sponsored Contests
Use NextBee's platform to run a contest or promotional giveaway on your site. You can choose any number of  winners based on any criteria you like. What is best - you don't have to find a sponsor to give out the gift as long as your contest can accommodate reward program requirements of NextBee business members. Thus, with NextBee powered contests, you get all the buzz of hosting your own contest without any expense or operational overhead. If you would like then you can also host a contest with your own sponsor and awards (for such contest you have to pay small NextBee account fee for all the functionality we provide to manage and promote your contest)

Content Syndication

If you are an online directory site,  web 2.0 community site, or even a traditional publisher then you know how important it is to seed your site with authentic, user-generated content. NextBee wants to be your content partner! We do all the heavy lifting to collect the data and manage the quality so that you can show only the most relevant content on your site. We can even provide you many tools to entice your own visitors to participate in your community initiatives and help you manage data flow to and from your site, as well as from social media properties, widgets, and other publishers in your domain. All this without any stress on your IT! Here are some of the salient features of our content syndication platform that makes it the choice for both the geeks and the business decision makers:

  • REST based web services that give you access to rich repository of data without much integration overhead

  • Ability to design custom filters and data interchange formats to suit your needs

  • Inbuilt support for monetization of the content through CPA ads

  • Flexibility to format and display data in whichever way suits your business requirements

Newsletter Ads
Let NextBee increase your email revenue and subscriber engagement by serving special referral reward promotions in your newsletters. With NextBee, publishers of high-volume opt-in email communications  - news outlets, social networks, content sites, consultants, social/professional organizations, bloggers can benefit from referral reward promotions and contests targeted at their email subscribers. We work with you to define and optimize promotion offers as well as the promotion participation steps for email recipients to get maximum yield for you as well as NextBee's business network members. All our promotion transactions are secure, compliant, and you can be assured about privacy of your users. Depending on the promotion and type of your email list, we offer either CPM based or CPA based payments.

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