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Loyal customers earn rewards through a social referral program Referral program idea used to get visitors for new website Loyalty program integrated with referrals using NextBee's referral software Refer a friend promotion focused on social buzz Friends invite friends to shop at an eCommerce store Referral program software used to run a Facebook referral app B2B referral program that offers customers rewards for inviting friends
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Referral management system to track customer engagement and reward fulfillment Customer reward program to improve social loyalty Membership drive using refer a friend widgets Referral software to engage social influencers Referral program software integrated in member subscription system Referral management system to track customer engagement and reward fulfillment
Savvy marketers choose NextBee for its technology leadership, focus on ROI, and unwavering commitment
to customer satisfaction
Customer Acquisition
Customer referral program
Refer a Friend

Offer customer referral rewards for getting new referral sales

Social Referrals Optimization

Leverage your brand champions for word of mouth marketing

Referral Tracking of Sign Ups

Offer monetary commissions for referred sales and paid subscriptions

Brand Affinity
Loyalty program software
Loyalty Program

Build engagement with incentives for purchases and active memberships

Gamification for social referrals

Make the customer experience fun, interactive, and addictive

Channel partner reward program
Social Fans

Get social network followers engage with your brand through social stories   

Revenue Optimization
Referral sweepstakes
Stop Churn in Subscriptions
Proactively identify at-risk accounts and offer targeted incentives

Customer rewards program
Up Sell and Bundling
Maximize revenue with upgrades and value pack offers to customers

B2B loyalty program
Offers and Coupons
Personalized deals based on transactions, customer profiles, and interaction flow

Our customer acquisition and retention solution is feature rich and scalable for any size of enterprise and at the same time cost effective to fit within a small business budget
referral program software with API social referral sales tracking loyalty program software integrated with referrals and social promotions loyalty and customer referral program management ROI analysis for customer engagement programs

Turnkey, yet Customizable

Metrics Driven

No Brick Walls

Full Service

Simple Pricing

We realize that for a marketing software solution to be effective in getting you referrals, nurturing loyalty, and buzz on social media, it is not sufficient to have a system that runs cookie cutter programs. To match your marketing needs, we have built our solution as a cluster of programmable web services that can be configured quickly to build the best customer acquisition and retention funnel which is as unique and innovative as your brand.

Every promotional offer and every user interaction we support is based on thorough ROI analysis. You can take out the guess work in deciding reward amounts for each referral sale, leaderboard prize, discount amount for an upsell, affiliate commission for a lead, or cash back in your loyalty program - let our system help you track the metrics in your sales funnel and objectively decide the parameters of the program that match your business drivers and constraints.

Our customers often start with a single promotion, but with the inherent synergy that exists within the different modules of our platform, plus integration plugins with 3rd party services and in house systems, they soon extend the program to cover the entire gamut of marketing initiatives across engagement channels. With our modular architecture and ever evolving platform - you can count on NextBee as a steadfast partner to implement all of your marketing initiatives.

Even though your programs are branded and tailored to your preferences, you do not need significant support from your IT or customer service team. From getting the best program ideas to handling reward fulfillment, and from configuring the tracking script tags on your order pages to importing your CRM leads and opportunity records, we will handle every aspect of the program for you. Further, once you are live with your campaign, we will help you optimize and promote your program.

With NextBee, you are charged a small setup fee followed by flat monthly fee with a no lock-in contract. We win your business every month by delivering solid returns on your investment. You have complete ownership of your data. You are able to track results at every step of your program and guarantee you to have net ROI positive results. There are no hidden fees - we do not charge you any reward fees or account management fees so you never have to worry about budget creep.

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