Savvy Marketers' Toolbox

A platform that is built around bringing creative marketing ideas to fruition and in turn handling load spikes, complex IT, and challenging ROI goals

Leading brands choose NextBee for its technology leadership,
focus on ROI, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

Metrics Driven

Every type of incentive and every user interaction we support is based on thorough results analysis. Take the guess work out of deciding incentives and rewards for each project completed and goal achieved.

No Brick Walls

Our clients often start with a narrowed focus. With the inherent synergy within the different modules of our platform, plus integration plugins for 3rd party services, growth is always an option.

Full Service

NextBee's seasoned team of account managers, developers and designers will take your program all the way from start to launch. You do not need significant support from your IT or customer service teams.

Turnkey, Yet Customizable

To match your needs, we have built our solution as a cluster of programmable web services that can be configured within a short interval to build your program as unique and innovative as your brand.

  • NextBee’s PACE Methodology - a systematic way of pursuing actions which keeps focus where it belongs: on your users’ experience.
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